Email Marketing Software

Online Marketing Experts provides one of its kind Email Marketing and SMS Marketing Solution to its clients in UAE. It’s web-based email marketing software, which suits for the best email marketing solution to its clients in UAE. Email Marketing services are by far the most cost-effective way to reach millions of people around the globe. Best email marketing software not only deliver your message to millions of new potential customers, you can reach out to your existing customers on weekly/monthly basis as well to keep in touch with them and up sell your products/services. By using our best email marketing software you can share your company news, latest updates, new services or products through Email Marketing Software and let the world know about it. You can schedule the emails to be sent at specific time and date, which gives you the immense
flexibility to market your business…

We have a database of over 1 Million Email Address of UAE Residents, Business Owners, Corporate Executives and you can make the most of this database by contacting us now.

JDN E-Marketer Functions
  • Email Addresses Validating – Our automated system will verify and block invalid email addresses.
  • Email Sending – This email software will set sending limit and balance the resource usage.
Terms of Service
  • It is a hosted solution and we do not sell the software itself. We reserve all rights to the software and the service and may make changes with improved versions and features that will be available in future.
  • To setup, we require a separate domain name through which emails will be sent, reply to the field can be defined to any so that all email replies are received at your desired email id.
  • You will require a dedicated IP through which emails will be sent so that campaigns run by our other clients cannot make an impact on your email campaigns. If IP or sending domain name is marked as SPAM with major receiving hosts, then you will have the option to change both at that time.
  • SPAM checking tool is already available in the system so you can run a basic test for your email campaign and avoid certain words or keywords that are generally marked as SPAM as suggested by the SPAM checking tool.
  • To run the service, you will be required to buy the number of credits. 1 Credit = 1 Sent Email. If it is bounced back for any reason, credit will still be used and no refunds will be provided for bounced back emails.
  • The system will automatically mark hard bounced back emails as inactive so that in future emails are not sent to those email ids again. You can also manually run bounce back queue and can also make soft bounce back address as inactive.
  • Credits will expire as per given schedule in a table.
  • Service setup time frame is up to 72 hours. However, normally an account is up and running within 48 hours. This does not include data import time. That is provided as per data set size.
  • One time setup fee includes installation, contact import and configuration of the software.
  • Support and Upgrades will be provided free of cost until the credit expires or finishes. On buying more credits, support and upgrades will continue.
  • We do not allow sending of any emails or marketing material linked to selling drugs, illegal contents, virus distribution, pornography, alcoholic drinks or marketing any such illegal activity that violates human rights or any laws of the state. We strictly prohibit any kind of SPAM activity and reserve the right to monitor and approve campaigns prior to their sending.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the contract if any of the before mentioned activity is found without any prior notice.
  • We reserve the right to revise our policy at any time and you must abide by all terms and conditions.
  • Next Point will not be responsible for any sales target or commitment to their customers that will be made between super speed computer and their customers.
  • We will set up your own dedicated account on a new relevant domain name
  • Setup includes dedicated IPs, domain name and hosting
  • A pre-loaded verified database will be free with an account
  • Credit price will be AED 0.004/email credit, Credits validity will be for 1 Year (1 credit = 1 email sent)
  • One time setup cost AED1000
  • The system allows sending maximum 200,000 emails per day

Email Campaign Packages


  • AED500
  • Plan 1
  • 100,000 Emails
  • Use Our or Your List
  • Detail Reporting
  • Order
  • AED1000
  • Plan 2
  • 200,000 Emails
  • Use Our or Your List 
  • Detail Reporting
  • Order
  • AED1500
  • Monthly Plan
  • 400,000 Emails
  • Use Our or Your List 
  • Detail Reporting
  • Order
  • AED2500
  • 3 Months Plan
  • 1-Million Emails
  • Use Our or Your List 
  • Detail Reporting
  • Order